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This is a temporary website to give you the information that you need as quickly and easily as possible during the current situation. Things could change rapidly as our practitioners return to face to face work so please keep checking the website. Alternatively email us if you would like us to keep you informed of any changes to the availability of therapies and support or for any further information

During the Covid-19 outbreak, Riverside Wellbeing recognises that the restrictions put in place will be having an impact on everyone's emotional and psychological health.

Within the Government guidelines, we are still available to help; many of our practitioners are now working on-line or by telephone delivering individual or group therapies. Unfortunately, all therapies involving contact or which can't be delivered by remote means have been suspended.

It is recognised that, in this time of social distancing, lack of contact with others can be particularly diffficult. We can offer you on-line groups, so that you can join together with others to support your physical and emotional wellbeing





Tai Chi
Self-awareness Cafe

There is much information about how we can look after our emotional, physical and psychological health. Here is our leaflet produced specially for this crisis along with a workbook for Coronavirus anxiety from the Wellness Society and links to the NHS, Mental Health Foundation and the Samaritans.

Relaxation Leaflet
Wellness Society


If you are a practitioner thinking about joining our team, or looking to see what is available once this crisis is over, here is our home page from less troubled times

Take care
stay safe and well


Data Protection: We take care to look after your personal information. We will use these details for running Riverside Wellbeing, including linking you to a suitable practitioner. We will not contact you for any other reason unless requested by you. See our Privacy Statement for further information, or ask when contacting us.



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