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Past Newsletters:

Vol 3 Issue 4 Autumn 2018 Now we are Five

Vol 3 Issue 3 Summer 2018 The Gift of Forgiveness

Vol 3 Issue 2 Spring 2018 Brighter days and Healthy Ways

Vol 3 Issue 1 January 2018 How was it for YOU?

Vol 2 Issue 4 Winter 2017 To Help You Through the Winter Months

Vol 2 Issue 3 Summer 2017 Back to the Mother Ship

Vol 2 Issue 2 Spring 2017 Hello, who are you?

Vol 2 Issue 1 January 2017 Hibernation or Sleep Deprivation?

Vol 1 Issue 4. October 2016 The Changing Seasons

Vol 1 Issue 3. July 2016 Staying well, from the inside out

Vol 1 Issue 2. April 2016 Relax, destress and sleep well

Vol 1 Issue 1 January 2016 From the beginning

Articles written by our Practitioners:

January 2019 Kathryn Rogers Put a rainbow in your diet
Spring 2018 Frances Taylor Sleep and Spring
Spring 2018 Kathryn Rogers Grow yourself a new you!
January 2018 Sarah McConnell Emotionally Focussed Therapy
Autumn 2017 Riverside Practitioners Top Tips for autumn and winter
Summer 2017 Ela Pekalska What is your intention?
Summer 2017 Sarah Talbot Mindfulness
January 2017 Frances Taylor Your Sleep: Beauty or Beast
October 2016 Karen Butler A Time to Reflect
October 2016 Catherine Pamplin Art Therapy
July 2016 Kathryn Rogers Forkprovoking Nutritional Therapy
July 2016 Tania Leigh Journey to Yourself
April 2016 Frances Taylor The Importance of Good Sleep
April 2016 Anne Hulme Reiki
January 2016 Sarah Talbot & Stephanie Johnson New Year Resolutions
January 2016 Stephanie Johnson & Sarah Talbot Seasonal Affective Disorder


Radio Broadcasts from High Peak Radio, September 2015:

Stephanie Johnson: talking about Our aim at Riverside Wellbeing

Bruna Tamai: talking about Pilates

Kathryn Rogers: talking about Nutrition

Paul Needham: talking about Hypnotherapy

Sandie Norbron-Shaw: talking about Coaching

Sarah Talbot: talking about Mindfulness

Testimonies from people who have used the centre:Denise, Judith & Julie





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