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Sarah Talbot

Hello, my name is Sarah Talbot and I am one of the partners in Riverside Wellbeing.

As you may have read elsewhere on this website, Riverside Wellbeing was conceived during collaboration with my partner, Steph whilst sharing a room delivering our respective counselling practices. Our aim is that it becomes a therapeutic space for all, whether as clients or therapists.

If you have reached this part of our website you may be looking for therapy for yourself or, be interested in joining Riverside Wellbeing as one of our resident therapists. Here is some information about me and how this informs the counselling, supervision and mindfulness that I offer at Riverside Wellbeing.

My personal belief is that we are all complex individuals with our own needs. However, sometimes these needs can be distorted as, often these days, we live our lives at a hectic and unremitting pace, filled with many expectations. We are inundated on all sides by others telling us that this will make us happy, something else will fulfil our dreams; it can be easy to lose sight of what is important to us, what will really make us fulfilled and at peace with ourselves. At times like this it can be useful to take time out and explore how you would like to live your life.

My professional journey has been intertwined with my personal journey realising now, with the benefit of hindsight (a wonderful thing!) that even prior to training and working in this field, I had an interest in, and my work involved, helping others reach their potential – albeit in a very different way.

Around 15 years ago, I started learning yoga and started my journey of self-exploration. By the turn of the century, I was undergoing counselling training, qualifying as a person-centred therapist in 2003. Since then I have gained a wide experience of clients and what brings people to therapy through working in a hospice (with both adults and young people), with pupils in primary and secondary schools, working for employee assistance programmes (EAP’s) and within the NHS as a staff counsellor and in primary care based in a GP surgery.

Since qualifying, I have undertaken many short courses and workshops which have increased my knowledge and experience, including a short course in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). A particular interest of mine is in helping people explore their relationship with spirituality and/or religion. I am based at Riverside Wellbeing on Mondays & Tuesdays. We will discuss payment at our first session, I ask you to choose a figure along a scale of £40- £60 per one hour session, depending upon your means and circumstances.

As a fully qualified counsellor, accredited by BACP (the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) I abide by their code of ethics and am committed to regular supervision and other professional development work to ensure the continuing quality of my self awareness and knowledge. My accreditation shows that I have met the standards required by BACP to demonstrate the capacity for independent, competent, ethical practice (www.bacp.co.uk/accreditation) and allows me to use the logo below which contains my personal accreditation number.

If you have any further questions or would like to explore further how counselling/ psychotherapy can help you please look at my website, www.growingawareness.net or contact me by phone, 0777 202 4653 or email. If you hear a voicemail message it could be that I am with a client. Please leave me your contact details and I will return your call as soon as possible. When leaving a message or a text, please let me know how I may contact you, as your privacy is important to me. The best way to contact me initially is via email.

My work as a therapist has emphasised to me how important for everyone, but especially those whose work means that they give of themselves to others, to take time out from their work, to reflect on their experiences, both in and out of work. This can help us return to our work refreshed and invigorated with new insight and new ideas.

I have several years experience of supervising Health Professionals within the NHS and I was involved for some years in a group developing supervision for school teachers, primarily in Derbyshire but spreading out from there across the country. My private practice has include counsellors with a range of experience - some trainees and some qualified and in 2012 I gained my Post-graduate Certificate from Keele University.

I am available for supervision at Riverside Wellbeing on Mondays & Tuesdays and charge £60 - £80 for a 90 minute session, depending on your circumstances and client work. Please contact me by email or phone, 0777 202 4653 if you would like more information or to meet for an exploratory session at a reduced rate.

Continuing my self-reflective journey, I completed a year-long course in Mindfulness at the Tibetan Buddhist Centre, Samye Ling in 2009 and then co-taught groups with an experienced facilitator for several years before delivering the course on my own. We facilitated the 8-week courses originally devised by Jon Kabat Zinn, adapted by Mark Williams and subsequently approved by NICE (the National Institute of Clinical Excellence) in some areas of the NHS.

As a member of the Mindfulness Association, I have taken their membership pledge and aim to follow the UK Network of Mindfulness Teacher Training Organisations Good Practice Guidelines for Teaching Mindfulness-based Courses

Currently, if you are new to mindfulness practice I offer individual sessions first to learn about and experience it for yourself. Most people have between two or four individual sessions before moving onto the drop-in group and/or practicing on their own using an app, CD's or downloads. Each session is £50 and for more information, please contact me by email or on 0777 202 4653

For those who already have some experience of mindfulness meditation there are fortnightly practice groups, one daytime and one evening, to allow people to maintain their practice in a group setting. We meet for one hour, cost £6, for more information, please click the link above and/or contact me by email or on 0777 202 4653.

There is more information about mindfulness on my website, www.growingawareness.net and on the Mental Health's Federation website, Be Mindful.

I have also delivered Mindfulness to staff in the NHS over several years, if you would be interested in me either delivering the whole course or a taster session to your organisation, please contact me by email or phone, 0777 202 4653.

If you are interested in more information about Riverside Wellbeing as a fellow professional please contact me by email or phone, 0777 202 4653.

However you came to be reading this, I wish you well in your journey and would like to welcome you to Riverside Wellbeing,
Best wishes


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